Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simply Shocking! A week without drinking tea and only ...da da dum...COFFEE!

Yes, it's true. Last week (spanning both weekends) I switched gears from running and was involved in Ride the Rockies which is a 380 mile bike tour for 6 days going from one Colorado town to the next all on your bike. I will get into further details about the trip on my next blog once I've downloaded pictures, but for the time being what you need to know is that while we biked from town to town, we didn't have to carry anything while biking.We were allowed one huge bag (thank you Tea Spot Chef) and then we set up camp at each town's elementary or high schools, were able to use their facilities (as well as all the lovely outdoor porta johns) and the local vendors set up stations for us to get food from.

And each morning, there was "the coffee guy". The coffee station was set up as a portable coffee stand that also drove from town to town to provide us with our early morning drinks. So, every morning I had a glorious cup of coffee to get me energized at 5:30 in the morning, to keep me warm when waking up in 30 degree weather in the mountains and to get me started on my 60-80mile a day ride!

"Didn't the coffee man have tea?" you ask. To this I reply, "yes, he did", but I knew it was only bagged tea and quite honestly that didn't get me all revved up to start on my morning ride.

You need something, scratch that ANYTHING, to help you get up these hills!

So there you have it, a week with no tea. Quite honestly, now that I'm sitting here with my cup of Bolder Breakfast, no longer on a bike saddle, I realize that I have missed my tea and I appreciate it maybe even a little more for the amazing quality that it is. You know what they say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder!"

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