Monday, June 1, 2009

Just like a clip-on tie, but different...

Yanko Designs featured yet another cool tea steeping gadget - The Clip-On Tea Infuser. As they explain, Paul Sukphisit, a senior at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, was given a Student Merit Award for this prototype design at the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) Northern District Conference. He'll be taking this design to the national conference this September.

It's adorable, like a tea brewing USB thumb drive, though I question the functionality.

Cool parts of this design:
  • the limitless versatility of the outer clip-on design
  • the clip-on doubles as a saucer/trough to catch the drips when done brewing
  • it can clip onto any-sized mug or cup
Questionable parts of the design:
  • the size of the infuser appears too small for loose leaf tea to unfurl
  • the size & shape of the infuser looks like it will be difficult to clean out
  • the size of the saucer/trough looks too small to actually catch the drips


  1. Product looks really much will it cost?

  2. I believe it's only a design, and not even a prototype yet. However, it looks like it would be pretty inexpensive to make, unless you added some serious bling to the clip.