Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keep On Rocking (The Republic) in the Free World

Just wanted to give a big thanks to Diana from Rocking the Republic for the awesome review of our Vintage Oolong loose tea that she posted this morning. Check her out. She just recently started her tea blog, and is already taking the tea blogosphere by storm.

She spoke poetically on the look and taste... "My cup was soon densely swimming with tea leaves after a minute. Watching tea leaves unfurl is always strangely comforting. It’s like watching the introduction of a familiar story unfold itself. The tea smelled very sweet. It was a warm and inviting cup. The liquor was a pale green and gold... Wow. This is a very nice tea with wonderful body. it’s rich and complex with a slight hint of umami*. The flavour is continuing to linger in my mouth after I have had the tea."

* Side note: Umami (according to the all-knowing wikipedia) is a Japanese flavor descriptor meaning "tasty", although "brothy", "meaty", or "savory" have been proposed as alternate translations. Yay for new words!

Then she spoke of here dad's love of full leaf teas, and it became clear where her love of tea began... "When it comes to tea, my dad loves big leaves, beautiful color, and a bold taste. He’s always fond of showing me the outrageously large tea leaves in his cup after he’s steeped. I think this is one tea that I can finally share with him that he would enjoy as well. Pair this with a good book and you have what I would call a perfect day. I’m glad I started my day with this cup." Thanks Diana! We're glad you did too.

Insider trading secret... our Vintage Oolong is still on promo. Buy 2 tins, get 1 Free! Just enter the total number of tins you want to receive (ie. 3 tins) and your cart will take care of the rest (only charging you for 2 tins). No promo code needed. Enjoy...

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