Friday, March 20, 2009

The Haute Couture of Tea Fashion

I have spent no less than 60 minutes immersed in the world of Google images and web searching, collecting an assortment of fun tea-related fashion. And by fashion I really mean funny t-shirts.

This is by no means the most enlightening of blogs, but I simple wanted to share some of the sweet t's I was able to find.

Simple, yet effective.

No way! I'm a little teapot, too!

I wholeheartedly agree.

"Shiroi Neko, Drink Tea"
A tea drinking pirate, courtesy of someone on Ebay!
I think this might be my #1!

"tea, mother*&@%er"
In your face, Miss Manners!

Who is Teapot Tim? I don't know. But he is
on a t-shirt, and that is rad. So that makes
him my homeboy, too.

There appears to be some sort of city in this teacup.

An ode to Turkish hospitality, nice!

Oh, Tea Boy! Can I please have some
more Lung Ching with my dim sum?!

You can get one of these for yourself at

And this concludes the tea shirt tour. Do you have a great tea shirt that we need to see? 

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