Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Copco’s ‘ Total Tea’ Solution at 2009 International Housewares Show

Although I didn't have much time to walk the floor to check out all the hot new products that were launched at the 2009 Housewares Show March 22-24 at McCormick Place in Chicago, (because I was at my booth launching our hot new products), I did get a chance to visit a few of my favorite housewares companies. I also got to see a few of my favorite Food Network starts like Tyler Florence, Paula Dean & Michael Symon, for more on that you can visit my foodie blog at teaspotchef.blogspot.com

The one tea product that really caught my eye but have yet to try is Copco's 'Total Tea' line, especially the Tea Thermals.
The Soft Grip Tea Thermal (photo above) is a 14 oz. to-go- double-wall mug with removable infuser, sip through lid and soft grip sides. Retailing for $19.99 sounds like a reasonable price when steeping tea on-the-go and keeping it hot & cold.
A similar product made of Stainless Steel, for those of you that want to stay away from plastic, is also available. The Stainless Steal Thermal (photo above) is a non-slip silicone grip stainless steel mug with a removable infuser cap allowing you to pour hot water directly over the loose leaf tea or teabag. The coolest part of the mug is its' twist-to-stop steeping feature that is incorporated in the sip-through lid.

Although I have yet to personally try either of these mugs, the concept and fun color stopped me in my tracks as I walked the aisles of the such an overwhelming show solely dedicated to housewares, kitchen gadgets, cookware, bakeware, gourmet food, cleaning supplies, Food Network Stars, cooking demonstrations, etc...

I am currently trying to buy the Stainless Steal Thermal but have been unsuccessful thus far. I searched all their national on-line retailers (i.e. Amazon, Target, Macy's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, JCPenny, Cooking.com). After much frustration, I decided to wait until morning to call Copco direct. I got somebody on the phone this morning and after taking 20 minutes to explain to him exactly what product I wanted to order, he took another 10 minutes to figure out that the product is exclusive to Kmart. As soon as I got off the phone with him, I went directly to Kmart.com and searched their website. Needless to say, I have not yet bought the mug because I have not figured out how...

Stayed tuned because I am not giving up on having a perfect a cup of tea on-the-go...I just hope that spending this much time, effort and energy in getting this product will actually yield a perfect cup of tea on-the-go at a reasonable price. 

Let me know if you know how to go about getting this cool little tea steeping mug or if you know of any other to-go tea thermals that has the capability to stop steeping tea...

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