Monday, December 10, 2007

Decaf your Tea, Naturally...

Many people are very sensitive to caffeine which is way I want to inform people how to naturally decaffeinate tea. I highly recommend decaffeinating your tea through this process instead of buying decaffeinated tea because the process by which many tea companies decaffeinate tea is NOT natural. That being said, I recommend that you naturally decaffeinate your tea by the following process.
  1. Place the loose leaves or teabag in your cup or pot
  2. Pour the hot water over your tea
  3. Let the tea steep for 25-30 seconds (Note: 95% - 98% of the caffeine releases within the first 25-30 seconds of steeping)
  4. Take the loose leaves or teabag out of your cup or pot
  5. Throw that steeping away
  6. Re-steep the same tea
Caffeine is the first to release in tea and it releases within the first 25-30 seconds. The flavor & the Health benefits release after the first 40-45 seconds.

Another option for those of you that want the caffeine in the morning but don't later in the day...Steep your tea in the morning, save the same tea leaves and re-steep them later that day without the caffeine.

For those of you that are extremely sensitive to caffeine and can't have any, you should stick with herbal teas since those are naturally caffeine free.

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