Friday, September 4, 2009

Watching a company take off... the view from inside

This summer has been a turning point for our company. We’ve taken that critical step from being a “start-up” to a business operation. Positioning is clear. Roles are (relatively…) clear. Repeat business is an important part of our revenue stream. Surprises, though always a part of business and life, are now fewer in number and further between incidents. And this is all due, of course, to the people. The sales operations team have outstanding relationships with their customers. Whenever I have the (always welcome!) opportunity to meet a customer or a prospect, I get rave reviews – no wonder, of course, as they’re always sensitive to meeting exactly their customers’ needs. They do their job more as customer advocates rather than sales people. It’s never “push” - only “serve”. Our Director of Development can do anything… two days ago I put a challenge in front of her to tackle an opportunity that needed to be addressed within 36 hours – I really didn’t expect that she’d say it was possible, and WOW – she used probably 33 of those 36 hours to produce a creative and superbly professional piece of work. I was stunned… It’s been about 18 months since we hired our now COO, the cog in the wheel. He is the chief in this company – no question - with business acumen, ethics and professionalism that any company would envy. He could be a diplomat or executive in any government or business enterprise. And our Tea Spot Chef is possessed with talent and energy that never cease to impress me – and is a community networker like none other. And I’m the lucky one who gets to help and watch this go forward, evolve and take form – Thank You team Tea Spot for rallying and making loose leaf tea that simple and elegant everyday luxury we dreamed it would be, helping people live healthier and happier lives!

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