Monday, July 27, 2009

Eat, Drink and Live Strong... but smoking???

Many of you may not find the same humor in irony as i did in the attached series of pictures... but i really couldn't resist posting them.

So many of us have been inspired once again by Lance Armstrong - as though it weren't quite enough to almost handily win the Tour de France 7 times AFTER overcoming advanced stage Cancer, he's now flaunting his immortality by traumatizing young riders' positions on the podium of his signature race. The French have always hated him, i'm not really sure why... they so loved Greg Lemond (was it his French name? He spoke no French, Lance is fluent). Maybe it's Lance's TEXAS medal hanging from his neck instead of a saint, or the association with another high profile Texan (he whose name we shall no longer mention) at an unfortunate time in our
country's history. Whatever. The commentators and the papers were killing Lance, (almost more so than in the days of daily accusations of drug use "doh-pay", "doh-pay"!) but French President Sarkozy came out to watch him at the Mt Ventoux stage last week and defended him
eloquently while being interviewed by the ever so rude and insolent French cycling star, Laurent Jalabert: [sic] "are you repraoching him for wanting to win??? This man's an inspriation to anyone. It's not the people who have a problem with him, it's you commentators!"

Anyway, back to my little laugh here... we all know that the powerful antioxidant content in green tea has been attributed to even reducing the effects of smoking and resulting onset of Cancer in strong green tea-drinking nations like Korea and Japan... but what about this young man decked out in Livestrong gear, smoking away. WTF? So maybe we can't all spend hours each day on a bike, but, NO one born after 1970 has the excuse to be smoking these days - it's way beyond stupid. So please, if you're a Lance fan, or even just a fan of life - Live Strong. But
don't smoke!!!


  1. Born after 1970? That's me, just barely. I quit smoking over 10 years ago and at this point I know of course I'll never smoke again. Sometimes I wish I would have discovered tea at a much younger age and pursued it instead of tobacco. One is good and the other evil; tea is light and tobacco is darkness. --Jason

  2. Thanks for this wonderful addition. Really enjoyed your thread. Appreciate people taking the time to write quality work..