Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coffee: The Gateway Drink?

I think coffee needs to try a little harder to be the gateway drink to tea. As it stands now, the gateway is staying shut most of the time. Somehow the muddy waters of the coffee bean act as dragnet, never letting loose those who dare enter its lair. How else do you explain the answer to the question “Are you a tea drinker?” The most common reply: “No. I drink coffee.”

C’mon Coffee, let some of them pass. You opened the gate for me. I still drink 16 delicious ounces of you every morning. I would have never done it without knowing and loving you first, but now I replace my second and third cups of the day with tea. The hair on my arms thanks me. So does the bottom of my desk and top of my knee. You snag thousands of new guzzlers every day. Haven’t you reached your limit yet? Wouldn’t it feel great to purge some of the bloat and let a few of your congregation discover the world of tea? It’s time to grease up the hinges.

1 comment:

  1. The ring around your toilet probably thanks you too...I know it thanked me when I started drinking tea instead of coffee...