Thursday, April 10, 2008

Show me Your O Face!

Hooray! Our sweet, sweet Automatic Teapot has graced the pages of the May issue of O Magazine! Which, for those of you who have been living under a rock in recent past, is Oprah's magazine. Our new, key lime Teapot got a spotlight on "The O List," a list of things that Oprah thinks are downright smashing. I mean come on, if Oprah likes it, it has to be wonderful and awesome and full of rainbows, right? Right! In any case, grab the mag off the newsstand and take a look, or go online once they upload the new issue at:

The Automatic Teapot is a 20-ounce stoneware teapot that automatically steeps your tea, without using batteries or electricity. The infuser basket doubles as a counterweight, an amazing feat of mechanical engineering thanks to TeaSpot Founder Maria Uspenski, which is triggered to turn over once the timer finishes. This means you can literally set the timer and carry on doing whatever is was you were doing; whether you were teaching your kid to ride a bike, watching Return of the Jedi (again), or voraciously researching O Magazine's average monthly circulation numbers. The dripless spout and generously sized handle truly make loose-leaf tea-time an easy endeavor. Check out our website for more info at!

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